Anna Lisa Pecora

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Francesco Mello

PECORAMELLO is a study of professionals in architecture and design. The peculiarities of each professional deepen different themes, both in the arts - architecture, and in the technical - engineering field . The association between such different skills enables the development of diversified and specialized design ranging from the field of structural analysis to the design and interior architecture. The items have never been seen before and are made by hand with meticulous care and attention to detail. The activity of the group moves on principles of promotion and research design and sustainable technologies, based on the idea that tanks to the instrument of "design" can be mended the relationship between man and nature through its forms, its message and its production process and recycling. Guiding principle of the project becomes the harmonious balance with the environment and the land, through a formal language spontaneously and family that welcomes its user and will store the sign for anthropogenic restore the ability to identify and express themselves through it